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About The Owner
September of 2015 marks 20 years since Travis Johnson began his career in homebuilding.

T. Johnson Homes, LLC specializes in building high quality, efficient homes on the company's own lots and then offers those homes for sale once they have been started.

Travis and his wife Tasha live in Abilene, TX with their growing family of four boys. In his spare time Travis enjoys reading, playing classical guitar...and looks forward to traveling the world once again when the boys get a little older.

Our Story

Travis Johnson begins his career in residential construction as a framer.
He builds and sells his first spec home.
He uses his experience framing to begin designing the homes he builds.
He relocates to Abilene, TX and continues building new homes.
After many years of renting and kicking around the idea of owning I came across T. Johnson Homes. I’ve been very pleased with the clean lines and modern appeal. Home builder Travis Johnson is very down to earth and very approachable. Great guy and great home.
- Abilene, TX
I am a first-time homebuyer and it was a pleasant experience buying from T. Johnson Homes. Visually, the house is very appealing and quality was not spared in construction. But even after the purchase, T. Johnson Homes is available should any issue arise. I would recommend buying from T. Johnson Homes.
- Abilene, TX
We love our new home! Travis is amazing to work with. He truly cares about his homes and the homeowners. Highly recommended!
Shane and Jill
- Abilene, TX
I bought a house built by T. Johnson Homes and I was impressed by the attention to detail in the construction. This home is for us, simply put, a dream made reality.
- Abilene, TX
Travis made sure we had exactly what we wanted in our first home, and that we were in it before our first baby came! He let us be part of every step, and be in on everything. Amazing experience with an amazing builder!
Rock and Ashley
- (now living in Maine after military transfer)
My first-time home buying experience with T. Johnson Homes was comfortable and non-stressful. Travis has been very prompt in returning calls whenever I've had a question or needed something looked at. I would recommend T. Johnson Homes to anyone looking to purchase a home.
- Abiline, TX
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